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CFP: Expanding Intersex Studies

  Conference ‘Expanding Intersex Studies’ INIA Université libre de Bruxelles Brussels, Belgium 31 January – 1 February 2024   Background Intersex studies are an emergent field that developed in the 1990s and early 2000s....


CFP: Violent Births and Deaths

The 27th edition of the European Conference of South Asian Studies (ECSAS) to be hosted at the University of Turin from 26 to 29 July 2023. Within this congress, will be organized the panel...


CFP “Varieties of TERFness”

Call for Paper    Special Issue “Varieties of TERFness”    Deadline extended to 20 May 2022.   To be published in open access in 2023 in DiGest. Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies    Edited by Mauro Cabral...


The Languages of Transnational (Post)Queerness

Colloque international The Languages of Transnational (Post-)QueernessOrganisé parChantal Zabus (TTN-USPN) et Josiane Ranguin (TTN-USPN).Jeudi 12 mai 2022 Les présentations seront toutes en anglais. Cet événement se tiendra simultanément en personne et via Zoom. Dans une approche transnationale et...

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